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Dart 18 catamaran upgrade.

Upgrading of your Dart 18 catamaran is very important very sailing hassle free.

Several upgrades are available to make life just that little bit quicker and easier. The new jib and mainsheet systems is a definite big bonus. So give your Dart 18 that upgrade it needs. As for the new rudder x bar system it takes out the play that is so much needed for performance sailing.

Mainsheet upgrade system.

This complies of the new ratchet block, two new bullet blocks and mainsheet.
Bargain at only R 5 000

Jibsheet system

This complies of two new ratchet blocks, two new bullet blocks on the lanyard and a jibsheet –
Now only R 6 500

Rudder x bar system

This consists of a standard new tiller x bar with new ends, tiller extension with a rubber universal and two tiller arm couplings with short pin –
A must at only R 1 250.

Dart Main sail

A new main sail is a must to improve your performance and makes a world of difference. Most sails are 20 years plus old. Just think if it was 20 years since you had your car serviced. R 12 700

Dart Jib sail

This is one of the most neglected items on your Dart so there is no question on needing to replace but a definite must. –
Just a phone call or e mail away for only R 4 400

Or here is the next option.

Trade in your old Dart for a new Dart. This is a win win situation as the new Dart 18 catamaran is only a fraction of other cats on the marker.
New Dart price  R 90 000 you know you want to!

Yes we will trade in your old Dart 18 main and jib sheet systems as well!!!


At first glimpse these upgrades may sound expensive but when last did you spend some well needed money on your Dart? This almost costs less than a service on your car but makes a huge difference in your performance.

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