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I’ve put together 4 ways you the dedicated Dart 18 Sailor can stay abreast of when and where each regatta is happening. Unfortunately sometimes we as the committee don’t have the time to push out a newsletter to remind the fleet as often as we can simply due to time constraints.

Option 1: Visit

Visit this site as often as possible the calendar where we display all upcoming events.

Option 2: Sync your calendar.

You can also sync your calendar with the Dart 18 one using the “iCal” protocol. Most calendar applications recognise and can process the protocol. The advantage of this is that it will sync the dart 18 Sailing Calendar with your personal Microsoft Outlook one.

The iCal Calendar feed can be found here:

And a tutorial explaining how sync it with Microsoft Outlook 2010+

Option 3: Print the Calender

If you want to print the race calender follow these easy steps on the calender to the left:

  • Step 1: Select the format you want to print the calender in, this means select either
    • Week
    • Month, or
    • Agenda
  • Step 2: Next click on the printer icon. this should bring up the print screen dialogue.
  • Step 3: Hit the print button!

Michael Wissekerke

I've been around sailing for probably as long as I can remember (thanks dad) & can't think of a better sport to be involved in.
I also happen to be the owner of Conversionomics a company dedicated to being a world class search and online marketing provider.

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