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“I have sailed a number of Dart Worlds in many countries and would really like to let people know that the Vaal Dam is probably some of the best sailing in the world.”

– Ben Mienie, Springbok Sailor, 6th at the East London Worlds

Wind Velocities

For a full break down of how we calculated these numbers please take a look here.

Aggregated Average Wind Velocity over 5 years

6.14 Knots

Aggregated Minimum Wind Velocity over 5 years

4.02 Knots

Aggregated Maximum Wind Velocity over 5 years

8.06 knots

Wind Data Calculations

  • Date Range: 2008 to 2012 (5 years historical data)
  • Isolated to December only
  • Time Stamps of Wind Readings:
    • 08:00, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00 So as to get a true  reflection of daytime sailing conditions only.
    • Number of data points  n = 7308
  • Method
    • Daily Wind Average = Average of days 4 data points
    • Daily Max. Avg = the days highest data point only
    • Daily Min. Avg = the days lowest data point only
    • Aggregated Average = Average of all data points within a data set.

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