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[EDIT 2013/03/26: i’ve disabled the forums for the mean time, as there is some weird behaviour]

So here is the new site! All shiny and new well at least we hope you think so too –  as the person who put the thing together I thought I would walk everyone through some of the features as well as what I’m planning to do to the site as it develops…

Anyway here is a quick break down of some of the features:

  • Forums and discussion: we’ve decided to include a place for sailors to discuss and or debate all elements around sailing and the Dart. We know that in today’s modern web social media probably plays a dominant role in communication between entities. But we thought it’s might still have some relevance for a large majority of users.
  • Speaking of social media, we’ve made it pretty easy to get started on the forums – you can register with the site in the traditional way by inputting your name and email address in the spaces provided. OR you can simply use your Facebook profile to do the hard work for you.
    • On the registration form there is a nice big Facebook button (the blue square with the lower case “f”) click that and that will start the process using your Facebook credentials.
    • After registering with the site you can post to forums and start participating in the community.

Integration back into Facebook: we want you to have the freshest information about upcoming events etc. So whenever a new event is posted on the site, it will “automagically” repost it to our newly launched Facebook fan page!

Viva le Social Media!

OK onto some of the more technical specs of the site.

  • Server: Ubuntu Linux 12.10 (thanks Compumade for the hosting and bandwidth!)
  • Platform: WordPress
    • Theme: Genesis Framework – design fully responsive! in other words this site will look good on just about any device.
    • Buddy Press and bbPress enabled – forums for social interactions on the site.
    • W3TC caching – to make it super quick.
    • Integration to a degree with Google Maps.
    • The already mentioned intergration into Facebook.

Things still to come:

  • Depending on how much traffic I might move some of the material over to amazon web services CDN cloudfront
  • Tidy up any CSS bugs
  • Clean up some design elements

Please do leave your thoughts either on the Facebook page (don’t forget to like the page) or here in the comments section.

Michael Wissekerke

I've been around sailing for probably as long as I can remember (thanks dad) & can't think of a better sport to be involved in.
I also happen to be the owner of Conversionomics a company dedicated to being a world class search and online marketing provider.

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