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UPDATE: 2012/02/28 – as you can see we’ve started to upgrade the site, as we go along we will be dropping in the functionality described below as well as the look and feel of the site


Please be patient whilst we upgrade the current site, we promise you it will be worth your wait! We are planning to make the site a lot more focused on community building to help improve the standard of sailing in the fleet as well as create a really great place for social and competitive sailors a like to share stories and advice.

Some of the new features:

  • Forums to discuss tips and tricks
  • Tighter integration into social platforms like Facebook
  • Login to the site using your favourite social platform.
  • As well as a few other nice to haves

We also wanted to start to get some of the top sailors to try and share their tips and tricks…

From a website platform perspective we are also going to try and make sure the site is super quick to load and be a bit more user friendlyand a bit more logical.

Michael Wissekerke

I've been around sailing for probably as long as I can remember (thanks dad) & can't think of a better sport to be involved in.
I also happen to be the owner of Conversionomics a company dedicated to being a world class search and online marketing provider.

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